CSPC officials join AACCUP’s Barkadahan 2022

The Accrediting Agency of Chartered Colleges and Universities in the Philippines is the organization behind The Accreditors’ Barkadahan 2022, the first-ever face-to-face convention of Accreditors from all over the Philippines (AACCUP) held on October 19-20, 2022 at SMX Convention Center-Manila, J.W Diokno Boulevard, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City. AACCUP used the word “Barkadahan” to inspire all Accreditors to participate in the aforementioned event.

The 2-day event aimed to:

  • present the overview of the accreditation of programs and institutions;
  • discuss the revision of the accreditation instruments;
  • share the learning experiences of accreditors on accrediting programs and institutional accreditation;
  • discuss the challenges in institutional and program accreditation;
  • consolidate plans for accreditation survey visits taking new directions for 2022 and beyond;
  • bring together the accreditors for the orientation to the training programs of AACCUP

The keynote speaker and guest of honor was CHED Chairperson J. Prospero De Vera where he stressed the need of international collaboration and linkages, the use of blended learning and other pertinent teaching and learning modalities in higher education, and the ongoing development of the provision of high-quality education. The AACCUP Chair and President, Dr. Edgardo Tulin, gave a summary of the accreditation survey visits to programs and institutions. The AACCUP’s founder, Dr. Manuel Corpus, was honored by the BOT and attendees. He described the difficulties, successes, and ways in which the AACCUP improved the standard of higher education among SUCs.

The event was participated by SUC Presidents, Chancellors, Vice Presidents, Vice Chancellors, Deans, Directors, Academic Heads, Chairs, Heads and/or Staff of Internal Quality Assurance Centers, Accreditors and Senior Faculty members.

Participants from CSPC were: Dr. Charlito P. Cadag, SUC President III and Member of the Board of Trustees of AACCUP, Dr. Seth B. Barandon, ACCESs Director, Dr. Challiz D. Omorog, Dean of the College of Computer Studies, Dr. April Z. Luzon, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Leni M. Malabanan, Dean of the College of Health Sciences, Dr. Marilyn N. Rivera, Associate Professor and former Dean of the College of Health Sciences, Mr. Yves Aristeo Febres, Director of the Learning Resources and Development Services, Dr. Edesa R. Saclag and Dr. Patrick Gerard A. Paulino, faculty members of the College of Technological and Developmental Education, Mr. Charles V. Bolival, Extension Services Director, Prof. Hejie A. Dimabogte, Student Affairs and Services Director, and Dr. Norel Peter M. Illo, faculty member and former dean of the College of Tourism, Hospitality and Business Management.

Photo grabbed from Dr. Anthony Penaso’s FB post