• Bachelor in Technical-Vocational Teacher Education
      • Major in Food Service Management
      • Major in Electronics Technology
      • Major in Fish Processing (New Program Offering)
  • Bachelor of Special Needs Education¬†(New Program Offering)

This program prepares teachers who will instruct and manage students with additional needs in inclusive and segregated education settings. Students of this program will be taught the appropriate tools, methodologies, interventions, modifications, and individualized plans for children with special needs. It will also teach students to evaluate the progress of children within the generic range of disability categories.

  • Bachelor of Physical Education¬†(New Program Offering)

Bachelor of Physical Education (BPED) is a program aimed at physical literacy, which serves as the foundation of confidence, enjoyable, and sustained participation in a wide range of physical activities. As a teaching profession, PE is a seamless activity of designing and delivering activities, providing quality instruction, managing the classroom, and assessing student learning, modeling as well as mentoring.

  • Bachelor of Culture and Arts Education¬†(New Program Offering)

Culture and Arts Education is a field of specialization engaged in clarifying the conceptual foundations of value-laden creative expressions such as visual arts, music, drama, and dance; in defining its relations to other disciplines of thought and action that address the fundamental question of what it means to creatively express the condition of being human in changing life-worlds; in analyzing the conditions and possibilities for crafting and asserting creative expressions of bf being human in diverse contexts; and in developing programs responsive to local and global contexts of production, circulation, and consumption of creative expressions.


  • College of Education, Arts & Sciences Student Organization (CEAS-SO)
  • Association of Students in Technical Teacher Education (ASTTE)

Arly B. Balingbing, PhD, EdD
Dean, College of Technological and Developmental Education

(054) 288-4421 to 23 loc. 129