Ten-Year Roadmap (2019-2028)

The opportunity for transformation is fueled by the legislative action of the conversion of CSPC to the Polytechnic State University of Bicol. The transition to a University carries a lot of requisites for its full implementation. This provides a rare opportunity for transformation given the mandate of law which enshrines the charter of the University. Our sensitivity to the current context of the University and its immediate service area becomes a backdrop for efforts toward transformation. While transformation may be viewed as upscaling of quality, it should be more considered as an effort to look at the critical interface between the University and Rinconada, and the Bicol Region, in general.

As a polytechnic university, what would be its niche and contribution to the development of Rinconada, the Bicol Region, and beyond?

With this in mind, the Roadmap for 2019-2028 was developed to act as a unifying thread to help determine the strategies needed to achieve the College’s vision to provide the best polytechnic education for the Bicolanos and beyond and gearing towards becoming a smart Polytechnic State University of Bicol.10-Year Roadmap 2019-2028