Graduate School

Goals & Objectives

The Graduate School Program shall adhere to the enumerated objectives under CMO No. 15 series of 2019 to better contribute to the attainment of sustainable development, these program levels and outcomes are reflected in the respective graduate offerings:

  1. Achieve a clear progression beyond basic education and baccalaureate/undergraduate education by stressing:
    1. Cutting-edge, integrative and interrogative teaching and learning contents and methods; and
    2. Higher competencies in knowledge application and utilization
  2. Produce advanced competencies that can spur and sustain:
    1. Leadership and innovation
    2. Scientific and technological growth
    3. Creative and effective learning and teaching
    4. Agro-industrial productivity
    5. Entrepreneurship;
    6. Good governance;
    7. Inclusive economic development and environmental security
    8. National sovereignty and independent international relations.
    9. Articulation of Filipino culture and arts;
    10. Cultural and religious diversity; and
    11. Nationalism

Courses Offered

  1. Doctorate Degree Programs
      • Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management
    • Master’s Degree programs
      • Master of Arts in Nursing – Level III Re-Accredited
      • Master of Arts in Nursing major in Disaster Resilience
      • Master of Engineering – Level III Re-Accredited
      • Master in Business Management – Level II Accredited

    Jocelyn O. Jintalan, DBA

    [email protected]

    (054) 288-4421 to 23 loc. 147