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The College shall always consider the shared vision as such it shall intensify internal and external stakeholders support and pursuit of excellence through outcomes and impact.

It shall develop and implement a comprehensive internal and external stakeholder’s program that will regularly orient them on the CSPC mission, vision, values, standards and systems to ensure their translation into expected outcomes;

It shall inculcate the value of volunteerism to promote national development and develop shared leadership and management philosophy, principles, and values appropriate for building an institutional culture consistent with and in support of CSPC’s vision and mission.

The College shall undertake rigorous implementation of the faculty and staff development program and ensure an enriching, fair and healthy work environment which promotes professional growth and career advancement for faculty and staff and guarantee a steady supply of highly competent human resource.

The College shall attract, recruit and retain the best and brightest faculty and administrative staff; formulate clear and articulated Human Resource Development Plan, rationalize policies on appointments, promotion and dismissal; revitalize Faculty and Staff Development Program and institutionalize sports, recreation, cultural programs of the Faculty and Staff.

The College shall undertake regular review and enrichment of its curricular offerings responsive to the needs of the community.

It shall develop and sustain quality and responsive academic programs to better serve its clientele; Regularly review educational objectives, pedagogy and modes of delivery of all undergraduate and graduate programs to ensure that teaching and learning are geared towards the highest international standards, curriculum design, pedagogy, modes of delivery and interaction between faculty members and students.

It shall focus effort toward improving performance in national and international measures of quality education such as Licensure Examinations, Normative Financing and SUC leveling.

The College shall improve the Student Services for effective delivery of quality education. It shall strengthen the Guidance and Counseling Services and Career and Job Placement Services; Increase Scholarship Grants and Financial Aid to poor but deserving students; expand Library Services; Increase access to Medical and Dental Services and fully implement the Students Development Program based on CMO. No. 9, s. 2013 designed for the enhancement and deepening of leadership skills and social responsibility.

The College shall optimize collaboration and partnership with public and private institutions and organizations to support effective and efficient delivery of the College’s functions in the Research and Extension.

It shall benchmark research performance against the highest national and international standards for research in higher education institutions; Institutionalize a research development program will will include College Research Agenda, policies for faculty research, capability building, research infrastructure; prioritize the growth of external funding for research from both government and industry and establish functional linkages and networking with development institutions for joint research and extension undertakings at the regional, national and international levels; and shall sustain the development of a dynamic community that is socially transformed particularly in the deprived, depressed and underprivileged areas.

The College shall sustain a college-wide security and safety measures; upgrade its facilities to international standards and implement or establish new infrastructures and ensure compliance to existing laws and regulations; optimize infrastructure development and develop and ICT Plan that will modernize CSPC services and ensure seamless data generation and utilization by internal and external stakeholders.

The College shall develop well-planned products and services that are of value to the stakeholders.

It shall formulate and implement viable/relevant production activities / business ventures including technology transfer and commercialization using the College’s available human and materials resources that will generate income to support instruction, research and extension programs.

Moreover, it shall establish trade/skills training centers and expand income generating facilities from income derived from dormitory, gymnasium, canteen and other facilities of the College.

The College shall institutionalize quality assurance mechanism that ensure compliance with national and international standards of excellence and implement CSPC’s distinctive competence in all products and services. It shall establish an Quality Assurance Center which will ensure that definite standards are met; implement the requirements of Normative Financing (NF)scheme, NBC 461, SUC leveling, Performance-Based Bonus, Typology-Based Education, Outcomes-based education and other national issuances as minimum standards to be met.

It shall establish a Quality Assurance Center which will ensure that definite standards are met; implement the requirements of Normative Financing (NF)scheme, NBC 461, SUC leveling, performance-Based Bonus, Typology-Based Education, Outcomes-based education and other national issuances as minimum standards to be met.

It shall also sustain ISO 9001:2008 Certification as one of its measures of quality and excellence.

The College shall imbed in its system the value of continuing growth, and forward thinkers through transparent and shared governance. It shall institute a financial transparency program that supports the College’s Strategic Goals. Along this, the College shall ensure to meet customer satisfaction to include our student, alumni, and stakeholders including our partners and linkages for speedy delivery of the required services.

The College in support to the National Greening Program as well as the advocacy on green life, shall imbed in the culture of the College the love for environment and assist the government in its campaign for an eco-friendly environment and
sustain its implementation.

33rd Commencement Exercises (Non-Degree — Arts and Sciences)

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