PEDS Goals and Objectives

[lab_heading title_tag=”H3″ title=”PEDS Goal”][/lab_heading]The Production and Entrepreneurial Development Services (PEDS) Office aims to utilize economic resources for production and enterprise development effectively and efficiently.[lab_heading title_tag=”H3″ title=”PEDS Objectives”][/lab_heading]The Production and Entrepreneurial Development Services (PEDS) Office has the following objectives:

  1. create effective and efficient goods and services through utilization of economic resources;
  2. strengthen the complementation of instruction, research, extension, and production program of the University;
  3. provide opportunities for faculty and staff to augment their income;
  4. provide students the opportunities to enhance their entrepreneurial competencies so that they can earn while learning by maximizing the use of their free time;
  5. encourage researchers to pursue their research activities along with the agenda set by the office together with the projects and activities of the Center for Rinconada Culture and Arts (CRCA);
  6. operate income-generating projects (IGPs) to supplement the annual subsidy from General Appropriations Act (GAA);
  7. provide livelihood opportunities to the community; and
  8. provide consultancy services and assist graduates and other stakeholders in their entrepreneurial engagements to create employment opportunities in the countryside.

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