Learning Resources and Development Services

The CSPC Learning Resources and Development Services consolidates, coordinates, and affects the operation of the library services of the College. The library also plans for procurement and acquisition of library books, references, and other informative materials; organize information resources for efficient and effective access; establish linkages with other institutions for broader information sharing and exchange;┬árecommend and implement policies, rules, and regulations for the operation of the Library and maintain a repository of all archives and other College memorabilia.[lab_heading title_tag=”H3″ title=”Library Collection at a glance”][/lab_heading]






Audio Visual Materials


Special Collection[lab_heading title_tag=”H3″ title=”Our Services”][/lab_heading]

Online Resource Assistant Delivery

ORAD is an online photocopying service provided for CSPC students to assist them in obtaining resources and information from the library. This service processes the submitted Google Form which contains details of the requested materials. The library will scan the requested book chapter or pages and will send this by e-mail.

Online Book Reservation

You may still borrow books from the library but you will be required to make a reservation first.


If you wish to come to the library to do your research, study, or borrow a book/s, you may do so upon submission of the online appointment form. Here is the link for the online appointment for the use of library facilities.


is more than a library catalog. OPAC stands for Online Public Access Catalog and the gateway to CSPC library’s collection. Use this to find books, thesis, audiovisual, view a list of items on loan to you and reserve book on loan.


For each member who borrows a book, the system stores book ISBN, user ID, date issued, date due to return, date returned. Again, all borrowing data should be stored into a separate file. Also the number of available copies for that book should be decremented. A member can not borrow more than 2 books at a time.


Knowledge Assistant on Library Online Inquiries. KALOI is your virtual reference librarian offering assistance on library-related concerns and inquiries. Feel free to chat through the CSPC Library Facebook Page, Google Mail and Library Website.[lab_heading title_tag=”H3″ title=”Online Resources”][/lab_heading][lab_heading title_tag=”H3″ title=”Contact” el_class=”sidebar-heading”][/lab_heading]You can message us any time and will respond once library staff is available.

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