Goal of the Center

To provide training, enhancement class and assessment of students and other stakeholders.

Objectives of the Center

  • To assist graduates in hurdling the board examination.
  • To assist undergraduate students in the enhancement of their learnings.
  • To equip students with the needed skills in passing competency assessment and certificate and career service examination.
  • To serve as a venue for assessment of different TESDA trade areas.
  • To establish a web-based database of board examination.

The Center

  • The center shall conduct training, and enhancement class of different stakeholders who will take licensure eligibility examination and competency assessment.The function of the office is to:
    • Provide training and enhancement to stakeholders who will undergo competency assessment.
    • Facilitate the conduct of intervention to students who will take licensure examination given by the PRC, eligibility test given by the CSC, competency certification by TESDA, and certification by PhilNITS.
    • Undertake continuing certification assessment for the trade areas accredited by TESDA.
    • Implement intervention activities to enhance performance of students in various assessments.

Training Programs

Training is the process of bringing students to a standard of proficiency by practice and instruction or developing any skills and knowledge or fitness that relate to specific useful competencies with the goal of improving.

Types of Training

  1. Training for Competition
  2. Training Certification
  3. Training for Competency
  4. Training for Extension

Enhancement Class/Program

Enhancement is aimed at enriching the knowledge of students in their courses, conditioning students for their licensure or eligibility examination, and making them more proficient in their analytical and problem-solving skills.

Types of Enhancement Programs

    1. For Licensure Examination
      • In-house Enhancement Program (for graduating students)
      • Reinforcement Program (for non-graduating students)
      • Refresher Program
    2. For Eligibility, Certification, or Competency Examination
      • Civil Service Review
      • TESDA Competency
      • PhilNITS Certification

Types of Enhancement Programs

      • For Eligibility, Certification, or Competency Examination
      • Pre-Board Examination
      • Comprehensive Examination


      • CSPC as TESDA Assessment Center
      • Assessment of Non-degree Program Graduates

Other Programs

    • Database System for Board-like examination Problems
    • Feedbacking
    • Pre-licensure Examination (during review)
    • On the day of Licensure Examination
    • Post- Licensure Examination (after review)