Center for Research and Development (CRD)

The research operations of the Institution is lodged at the CRD which shall perform the following functions:

  1. To lead the effective implementation of the College research programs, policies and activities.
  2. To coordinate with various line agencies and/or non-government institutions/agencies to enhance the research programs of the College.
  3. To prepare an annual institutional plan and budget.
  4. To initiate institutional research programs/projects/studies.
  5. To facilitate the publication of college research outputs to international and national refereed and CHED-accredited journals
  6. To coordinate and monitor on-going research programs/projects/studies and activities of the College.
  7. To approve research proposals as recommended by the evaluation committee
  8. To establish research file and publish faculty researches in the research journal, at least, once a year.
  9. To keep records of all contracts and MOAs entered into by the College relative to its research undertakings

College Research Evaluation Committee (CRECom)

There shall be a research committee in every department with the Dean as the Chairperson and the Department Chairperson as the Co-chair. The CRECom shall be composed of two (2) faculty of the college with a senior faculty researcher having at least an Associate Professor academic rank, and one faculty with at least a relevant research completed as member. For department with multiple programs, each program must be represented by at least one (1) faculty researcher as member.

The CRECom shall have the following functions:

  • To lead in the effective implementation of the institution’s research program policies, standards and activities of the colleges.
  • To review, revise, and formulate departmental research thrusts, priorities and programs.
  • To prepare an annual college research plan and objectives and come up with a budget for recommendation to the Dean prior to budget consolidation of the CRD.
  • To ensure the alignment of the research proposals of faculty to the priority areas of the department including the correct format, and using the evaluation criteria prescribed by the College.
  • To ensure that research targets of the colleges are effectively and efficiently carried out.
  • Check the compliance of the evaluators’ comments on the revised proposal and completed researches submitted to CRD.
  • To coordinate and monitor on-going projects and research activities of the department.
  • To initiate collaborative research activities among faculty and students in the department.
  • To coordinate with the CRD for the conduct of departmental research activities.
  • To recommend research policies and guidelines to the IRCom for enhancement and revision of the research manual.