In Gratitude of Dr. Charlito P. Cadag

When entrusted with the leadership of Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges back in 2019, a profound dream encompassed his vision — to illuminate the lives of those he had wholeheartedly chosen to serve.

In the corridors of power, his heart pulsated not for personal benefit but for the profound transformation of every soul he touched. The flicker of hope in the eyes of every CSPCean was his North Star, guiding him through the challenges and inspiring him to pave a path of progress.

Four years later, the legacy of Dr. Charlito P. Cadag continues to thrive and will remain etched in the heart of our community.

His excellent dedication to work and transformative brand of leadership is never less than the average. Under Sir Choy’s visionary guidance, CSPC was able to ascend to new heights, emerging not only as a premier polytechnic institution in the Rinconada but also as an exemplar of academic eminence throughout the Bicol Region and beyond.

As he concluded his term as the fifth President of CSPC, we wish to thank him for all the efforts, initiatives, and compassion he bestowed upon the Bicolanos.

Dios mabalos po, Sir Choy! Your profound impact on us will resonate through the years, inspiring generations of CSPCeans to pursue #ExcellenceAndTransformation in all their endeavors.

Your forever family at CSPC wishes you nothing but the best on your next journey!

About the author

Vencel is the designated Content Writer and Social Media Administrator of CSPC. Concurrently, he teaches at the College of Computer Studies as Instructor I.