CSPC-CAS champions inclusive teaching practices in CASAGAD webinar

April 12, 2024, | via zoom

The CSPC-College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) hosted the 2024 CASAGAD Webinar on Gender-Fair Language in Teaching Pedagogies on the morning of April 12 this year.
The event focused on the theme “Empowering Voices: Fostering Gender Equality through Language-Inclusive Pedagogies.” Conducted via Zoom, the webinar highlighted the importance of language in shaping educational practices that promote gender equality.
The webinar, organized in collaboration with the Center for Gender and Development (CGAD), was participated by educators from the College of Arts and Sciences.
The interactive sessions, led by Mr. Jo Vincent T. Bardaje, CAS faculty member, provided a platform for robust discussions on challenging gender stereotypes through thoughtful language use in teaching. Participants delved into practical strategies for incorporating gender-fair language into their pedagogies, reflecting on their experiences and sharing actionable insights.
The event not only reinforced CSPC’s dedication to enhancing educational practices but also marked a significant contribution to broader efforts aimed at achieving gender fairness in academic settings. The successful completion of the webinar underscores CSPC’s ongoing commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable learning environment for all.


Source: CAS FB Page