Cadag, Murillo speak at international forum in India

As part of strengthening and articulating forged partnership, CSPC officials in the persons of SUC President III Dr. Charlito Cadag and International Relations Director Associate Professor Murillo honored the invitation to speak at the Annual Faculty Development Programme of Chandigarh Group of Colleges which is based in India. Said international forum aimed to train the CGC faculty in the areas of innovative knowledge and competencies which is required to move beyond the scope of traditional classroom and to implement novel approaches in their teaching pedagogy.

Dr. Charlito Cadag, who was invited as Guest of Honor, delivered a message on “How Do We Prepare for the New Education System?”. He shared the best practices and initiatives of CSPC, particularly along academics, research and extension that helped the institution adapt and thrive during the pandemic.

For his part, CSPC International Relations Director Associate Professor Filmor Murillo gave a lecture on “Outcomes-based Education in the Philippines: Philosophies, Perceptions and Practice, a meta-analysis of research conducted in the Philippines since the implementation of OBE.

CGC is one of the international partners of CSPC and is known to be one of the most premier
educational institutions established in India which offers 40+ academic programs.

This event happened on July 18-22, 2022; via online platform.