HRDO conducts EQ and Succession Planning for CSPC employees

The Human Resources Development Office of the Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges conducted a seminar on emotional intelligence, IQ and resilience, succession planning via Zoom platform on December 28, 2021.

Dubbed as “Mind your Qs: Understanding IQ, EQ, SQ and AQ cum Succession Planning” its general learning objectives included the presentation of creative solutions to workplace concerns, teamwork and drive innovation. Also, building a high-performing work culture was also on the menu which was expected to effect an increase in employee productivity.

Up to a total of 193 employees attended the in-house webinar which aimed to cover concerns affecting the workplace such as skill development, work attitude and connection building so employees feel more valued and engaged with work.

CSPC Guidance Counselor Ms. Ma. Kiara Sapinoso was the speaker on the 4Qs as intelligence quotient, emotional quotient, spiritual quotient and adversity quotient. The guidance counselor started with a group participation exercise, calling the participants to correlate the 4Qs with everyday concepts. Ms. Sapinoso then discussed the significance of each of the four intelligences for success and the complimentary relationships of the intelligences to one another to solve everyday problems.

The afternoon session of the webinar featured Dr. Marlon Pontillas of the College of Arts and Sciences who discussed Effective Communication; particularly discussing the generation gaps and personal experiences on the issue. Also Mr. Juvy M. Bustamante, JD discussed “Succession Planning”, a strategy for passing on leadership roles to an employee or group of employees. This was to ensure that businesses continue to run smoothly after a company’s most important people move on to new opportunities.

Certificates of Commendation were given to the three speakers after their talks. E-Certificates were also given to the participants who filled out the online evaluation form.