GS sponsors N-218 Nursing Leadership Seminar

To provide a venue for comprehensive discussions on the challenges faced by nursing students and professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges through its Graduate School conducted a virtual seminar for all nursing students and registered nurses in Region V on November 6, 2021 via Zoom platform.

The webinar’s theme was “Empowering Nurse’s Role Amidst Pandemic” which also aimed to provide a better understanding of the changes that the nursing profession and education which were effectuated by the pandemic restrictions.

Speakers for the webinar were Regional Council of Health Profession Education President Cyril B. Romero, RM, RN, MAN, Ph.D., Al Sadiq Hospital (Saihat, KSA) Nursing Director Sevilla Rose E. De Leon, RN, MAN (C), and Diaverum AB Country Nursing Manager Jennifer Samson-Cordero, RN, MAN.

Announcements to the activity were prior posted to the Graduate School’s official Facebook page for the invitations and pre-registrations. E-Certificates were given to those who completed the Google Form evaluation after the webinar.