Pres. Choy designates officials for AY 19-20, creates new offices

A few weeks after his assumption of role as the 5th College President of Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges (CSPC), Dr. Charlito P. Cadag begun the restructuring of the organizational chart of the College by appointing new designees and creating new offices.


Following is the list of designated heads in the old and new offices under the Office of the President:



Designation/Position and Office

Mr. Ferdinand B. Valencia VP for Administration and Finance
Dr. Maria Laarni M. Salcedo VP for Academic Affairs
Dr. Teresita B. Salazar VP for Research, Extension, Production and Entrepreneurial Development
Ms. Genna B. Serrano Director, Internal Audit Services
Atty. Sheryl Angeline R. Javier (Senior State Solicitor) Legal Affairs Services
Dr. April Z. Luzon Director, Institutional Planning and Development
Prof. Marivel F. Paycana Director, Quality Assurance and Management System
Ms. Christine Margoux M. Sirios Coordinator, QMS and EMS
Prof. Filmor J. Murillo Director, International Linkages and Public Affairs
Ms. Syrell M. Hallare Coordinator, Alumni Affairs
Dr. Ian P. Benitez Director, Management Information and Communications Technology/Asst. Director of BCIEERD
·   Mr. Julius C. Deniña Head, Management Information System Unit
·   Ms. Charmaine Recah V. De Lima Head, Web Development Unit
·   Mr. Rey T. Cortez Head of Network, Internet and Communication Management Unit
·   Mr. Juniesel C. Pascual Head, ICT Repair and Maintenance Unit
·   Engr. Christopher B. Oares PABX/Cable TV In-Charge
·   Mr. Joseph Jessie S. Oñate Web Developer/Graphics Artist
·   Mr. Jayvee Niel SJ. Sias Programmer
·   Mr. Philip Alger M. Serrano Programmer
·   Mr. Regino B. Medrano Database Administrator
·   Mr. Niño Jeffrey Luzon Information Systems Specialist
Ms. Janessa Angustia A. Martinez Director, Publication Office
Dr. Leni M. Malabanan Director, Gender and Development
Engr. Martin Valeras, Jr. Director, BCIEERD
Ms. Vivian E. Lastrollo Acting Board Secretary


Moreover, designates under the Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance (VPAF), which are supervised by Mr. Ferdinand B. Valencia, are as follow:


Dr. Luningning Q. Bregala Director, General Administrative and Support Services & Admin. Officer V/HRMO III
Ms. Meden P. Tolosa Records and Freedom of Information Officer
Ms. Marites A. Bermal Administrative Officer V/Procurement Officer
Ms. K-Ann R. Sol Administrative Officer V/Supply & Property Management Officer
Mr. Alvin Padrigon Security and Safety Management In-Charge
Ms. Nancy S. Penetrante Director, Financial Management Services and Administrative Officer V/Cashier III
Ms. Shirley M. Illo Administrative Officer V/Budget Officer III
Ms. Francia Sanchez-Abaca Accountant III
Ms. Anna Liza Brina Disbursing Officer
Engr. Henry P. Turalde Director, Physical Plant and Facilities Management Services
Engr. Jeffrey P. Reginaldo Physical Planning Officer
Arch. Chester Kevin G. Junio Project Management Officer
Engr. Daneca S. Noora Preventive Maintenance Officer
Engr. Jayson L. Monge Repair and Maintenance Officer
Engr. Eddie L. Cabaltera Electrical Maintenance and Development Supervisor
Mr. Jerome M. Francia Director, Health and Environment Management Services and Pollution Control Officer
Prof. Alvin Franco A. Agtarap Coordinator, Disaster Resiliency
Mr. Narciso P. Sisno Grounds and Maintenance Supervisor


Meanwhile, the deans, directors, and coordinators appointed by Pres. Cadag under the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA), with Dr. Salcedo as their immediate supervisor, are the following:


Dr. Maria Teresa J. Manzano Dean, Graduate School
Engr. Radmar B. Tañamor Dean, College of Engineering
Dr. Arly B. Balingbing Dean, College of Education, Arts and Sciences
Dr. Challiz D. Omorog Dean, College of Computer Studies
Dr. Marilyn N. Rivera Dean, College of Health Sciences
Dr. Crezel B. Obrero Dean, College of Business Management
Prof. Hejie A. Dimabogte Director, Buhi Campus
Mr. Charles V. Bolival Director, Human Resource Development
Dr. Leonisa O. Infante Director, Office of Student Affairs Services
Ms. Ma. Zandra Bonnine V. Salcedo Director, Student Testing and Admission
Dr. Arlene O. Malaya Director, Student Registration and Records
Mr. Herbert John N. Nachor Director, Curricular Reforms and Instructional Materials and Resources Development Services
Ms. Maria Cherry T. Pasion Director, Learning Resources and Development Services
Prof. Helen M. Alde Director, National Service Training Program
Dr. Seth B. Barandon Director, Training, Review and Assessment Center
Ms. Gigi V. Severo Publication Moderator
Ms. Leny O. Figuracion Coordinator, Guidance Services
Ms. Eva C. Sasuluya Guidance Counselor (in concurrent capacity as Value Restoration Officer)
Ms. Sarahlyn C. Catimbang Focal Person, TESDA Assessment Center
Mr. Christian K. Puso Sports Coordinator
Ms. Gilma P. Veras

Mr. Dennis N. Rañon

Cultural Coordinators
Mr. Leo Francis Barbonio Choir Trainer/Guidance Counselor


Furthermore, the newly created Office of the Vice President for Research, Extension, Production and Entrepreneurial Development (VPREPED), with the tutelage of Dr. Salazar, has the following designated directors, coordinators, and in-charges:


Engr. Harold Jan R. Terano Director, Research Development Services
Dr. Amado A. Oliva, Jr. Director, Extension Services
Engr. Wenifredo L. Pacer Director, Production and Entrepreneurial Development Services
Mr. Jay Luzon Director, Center for Rinconada Culture and the Arts
Ms. Cherry Lyn M. Odsinada Coordinator, Knowledge Management Services
Engr. Wenceslao D. Gavina Coordinator, Intellectual Property Management
Ms. Ruby Jane S. Gonzales Chair, Research Ethics Board
Mrs. Alyssa D. Lagatic Coordinator, Training Programs/ Extension Coordinator, CBM
Mr. Rowel S. Ramos Coordinator, Communication Information/ Extension Coordinator, CEAS
Prof. Naneth O. Oida Coordinator, Community Outreach/ Extension Coordinator, CHS
Ms. Maricris L. Ramizares Coordinator, Technical Assistance/ Extension Coordinator, CCS
Engr. Christian S. Nabio Coordinator, Technology Transfer and Utilization/ Extension Coordinator, College of Engineering
Mr. Kristopher T. Visaya In-Charge, Rinconada Business Incubation Center and Enterprise Development
Ms. Kahren D. Redoblado In-Charge, Economic Enterprise Development


Aside from these designees, Dr. Cadag also appointed several personnel as program chairs and laboratory in-charges, to wit:


Dr. Seth B. Barandon Program Chair, Master in Engineering
Engr. Virginia V. Pontillas Program Chair, Electrical Engineering
Engr. Rizza T. Loquias Program Chair, Electronics Engineering
Engr. Saul J. Ebonite Program Chair, Mechanical Engineering
Engr. Francia H. Tomenio Program Chair, Civil Engineering


Dr. Maria Visitacion M. Taburnal Program Chair, Master of Arts in Nursing
Ms. Abigail Monge Program Chair, Nursing
Mrs. Alice D. Nuyda Program Chair/Principal, Midwifery


Ms. Shiella Donna Sillan Program Chair, Computer Science/ Assessment Center In-Charge
Ms. Ichelle Figura Program Chair, Information Technology
Ms. Ayra Gonowon Program Chair, BLIS
Ms. Brenda Dy-Po Benosa Program Chair, BSIS


Ms. Melany C. Federis Program Chair, MBM
Dr. Rosanna B. Oliveros Program Chair, Food Service Management
Mrs. Jocelyn O. Jintalan Program Chair, Office Administration
Mrs. Maria Luisa O. Sotero Program Chair, Tourism Management
Mr. Kristopher Visaya Program Chair, Entrepreneurial Management
Ms. Maruja C. Carilo Canteen Manager


Mr. Ronel R. Ocbian Gen. Ed Courses Coordinator
Ms. Ednalyn N. Nales Program Chair, BTVTEd-FSM and Electronics
Ms. Liezl B. Namoro Program Chair, BS Math
Dr. Marlon S. Pontillas Program Chair, AB English Language Studies/ Speech Laboratory In-Charge
Dr. Estelito S. Clemente Field Study and Practice Teaching Coordinator


Engr. Cayetano B. Ricafrente Mechatronics Laboratory
Engr. Rowel Domingo N. Bermal Material Testing Laboratory
Mr. Neil James A. Cagumbay Physics and Chem. Laboratory
Ms. Eden Q. Paniterce Nursing Arts Laboratory
Mr. Mark M. Orobia CBM Food Laboratory
Mr. Ronald Rosela Electronics Laboratory
Ms. April Bantog FSM Laboratory
Mrs. Josefina H. Llagas IT Laboratory, College of Business Management and College of Health Sciences
Mr. Niño Jeffrey Luzon IT Laboratory, CCS
Mr. Jayvee Niel Sias Computer Science Laboratory
Arch. Mary Ann A. Martinez Computer Laboratory In-Charge, COE
Prof. Naneth O. Oida Birthing Home/Maternal & Child Care Center In-Charge


The new designees were recognized during the Flag Raising Ceremony on February 3, 2020.