Admission Policy

Admission in the College

The Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges shall be open to students who are willing to abide by its rules and regulations and who meet the academic standards and requirements of the program in with he/she wishes to enroll.

Article 81. Admission Standards

Students who get an admission rating of 80% and/or within the quota and above shall be accorded priority enrolment. Program applied shall be based on the applicant strand and is subject to the existing CHED Memorandum including the ALS graduates.

  • Undergraduate Program. Admission shall be based on the applicant’s senior high school grade (Grade 11) and the result of the University entrance test consists of mental ability test. The admission rating shall be computed based on Mental Ability Test – 60% and General Average in Senior High School (Grade 11) – 40%. Applicants who get an admission rating of 85% and above and whose rank falls within the quota based on the ranking shall be accorded priority
  • Graduate Program. Admission in the Graduate School shall be based on the merit of his/her entrance requirements: Transcript of Record with GWA, PRC License (if applicable), and the result of the Graduate Entrance Test: IQ test- 80% and Essay- 20%.

Article 82. Shifters within the Institution

Students who will shift from one College to another College shall be evaluated by the University Admission and Retention Committee (UARECOM).

Article 83. Cross Registration

Within Campus. The following rules shall within campus govern cross registration: a) cross-enrolment is allowed in all curricular levels; b) it should be done within the period of registration; c) permit to cross enroll should be acknowledged by the University Registrar; and d) it should be from the same College/field of discipline; and e) slots are still available.

Inter-Campus. The following rules shall govern inter-campus cross registration: a) cross- registration should be done within the period of registration; b) cross-registration is allowed in any curricular offerings, provided that, the subjects are not offered in the institution, must have the same course description and at least the same number of units, must not be a major subject, and the student concerned is a candidate for graduation from his/her terminal/last year. No student is allowed to cross-register in more than one (1) school outside the College or double registration in the College.

Article 84. Re-admission

A former student who has been out of University for a semester or more and has enrolled in another school while on leave should obtain an application for Re-admission from the Dean as approved by the UARECOM. Subject/s taken in other school during the period of absence from the University shall be evaluated and given credit if approved by a College Committee chaired by the Dean with the Area Chairperson and professor handling the subject.

Article 85. Services for Students with Special Needs and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs)

These are programs and services designed to provide equal opportunities to Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), indigenous peoples, solo parents, etc. The University shall ensure that academic accommodation is made available to persons with disabilities and learners with special needs with proper consultation and conference with students with disabilities themselves, together with their teachers, parents/guardian/s, personal assistant/s and other concerned professionals, whenever necessary.