En Route to Global Greatness: Unveiling CSPC as a Rising Force in the WorldSkills Arena

As the world’s eyes turn to Singapore for the highly anticipated 13th WorldSkills ASEAN Competition, top youth talents from across 10 Southeast Asian countries vie for victory in 22 skill areas from 22 to 25 July 2023.

Among these skilled contenders, a force to be reckoned with is Team “Bagong Pilipinas”, as dubbed by TESDA’s Director General during their send-off program, standing tall with representatives from various regions of the Philippines.

Bicolandia’s torchbearers are none other than students and faculty members of Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges, who, after successive triumphs in local rounds of Skills Competition, have earned the privilege to represent the nation in Singapore.

This year, two CSPCean competitor-expert duos are set to embark on an extraordinary flight to the Little Red Dot in search of gold medals in their respective skill areas. Christian Lazarus Asanza, an Electrical Engineering student, is mentored by Engr. Eddie L. Cabaltera, in Electrical Installation. Meanwhile, in the field of Information Network Cabling, Computer Science student Francis Arroyo joins forces with his expert, Mr. Rey T. Cortez

With their sights set on triumph, these exceptional alliances carry the dreams and aspirations of the entire CSPC community and the Philippines in the global arena.

However, CSPC is no stranger to the international editions of WorldSkills. Following several years of partaking in the said tournament, the institution has already solidified its reputation as a powerhouse of WorldSkills entrants.

In 2016, CSPC commenced its journey at the 11th WorldSkills ASEAN Competition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Engr. Cabaltera and Mr. Cortez took the lead in pursuing a Southeast Asian accolade while mentoring the promising Electrical Engineering student Carlo Saldivar and Information Technology student Danjho Orbita, respectively.

Despite failing to take home a medal, their remarkable performance set the tone for a string of successes to follow. At the 12th WorldSkills ASEAN Competition, held in Bangkok, Thailand, Engr. Cabaltera once again stood as the Philippines’ expert in Electrical Installation and Maintenance.

For the seasoned coach, the second time, not the third, is a charm when his protégé, John Jay Abinal, was bestowed the coveted Medallion for Excellence, an award given to competitors who have garnered total points above international standards. 

With their win, Engr. Cabaltera and Abinal proudly unfurled the Philippine flag at the 45th WorldSkills Competition held in Kazan, Russia in 2019. Their participation also marked CSPC’s first foray into the said world championship.

Now, as the curtains rise on WorldSkills ASEAN Singapore 2023, Engr. Cabaltera and Mr. Cortez stand anew as living embodiments of CSPC’s unwavering pursuit of distinction. Endowed with enthusiasm, they take pride in carrying the institution’s banner once more, aspiring to bring honor to the nation and uphold the legacy of brilliance that CSPC represents.  

For this year, the two faculty members have cultivated prodigies in the form of Asanza and Arroyo, epitomizing the CSPCean character of competence and earnest zeal to provide education and skills training that align with global benchmarks, producing world-ready professionals.

With the Lion City as their tribune, the might of Team CSPC roars louder than ever, reverberating across Southeast Asia and transcending foreign borders. But for them, this is not just another endeavor for a gold medal; in the eyes of the community, it is a powerful embodiment of our collective desire to shine bright, conquer the world, and inspire generations to come.

After the stage lights of the Singapore Expo dim and the cheers fade, one thing remains certain — CSPC’s fired-up spirit will burn ever brighter. As the genesis of our transnational voyage kicks off, we stand resolute in our commitment to making waves in the country and abroad. 

Let the world be our witness — for we are the emerging force that will redefine the very essence of greatness in WorldSkills, one CSPCean champion at a time.

About the author

Vencel is the designated Content Writer and Social Media Administrator of CSPC. Concurrently, he teaches at the College of Computer Studies as Instructor I.