CHEDRO-V showcases CSPC’s Internationalization” efforts

The Commission on Higher Education Regional Office – V (Bicol) has chosen CSPC to showcase its INTERNATIONALIZATION program though its best practices in a webinar entitled “Internationalization of Higher Education Perspectives, Initiatives, and Best Practices on Expanding Collaborative Networks”. Considering the event as a webinar, showcasing was done via an audio-visual presentation.

It featured the initiatives and engagements with international partners and linkages since the start of the pandemic, and specifically highlighted the Internationalization agenda or GOALS: (1) enhance international bilateral/multilateral agreements and partnerships, (2) enhance faculty and student global academic engagement, (3) enhance globally-responsive and globally-aligned research engagement, (4) enhance access and exposure to global learning opportunities, (5) enhance faculty and student capability-building in internationalization, (6) enhance international reputation, and (7) enhance home-based internationalization.

This event took place on September 6, 2022 via online platform.