CSPC and Ukraine’s SUMY State University Formalize Partnership

Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges and Sumy State University (SUMDU) of Ukraine formalized its partnership by signing a Cooperation Agreement on April 28, 2021.

By signing the agreement, CSPC and SUMDU agree to promote and support: Academic exchange of research and teaching staff for short-term and long-term teaching, training, research work, and professional development; Organization of joint research activities, participation in conferences, seminars, symposia, and round tables as well as joint publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, including those of Web of Science and Scopus databases; Joint participation in international grant programs and projects, dissemination of their results and ensuring their sustainability, attraction wherever possible of third-party funding to support joint activities; Mobility of students and post-graduates, providing necessary conditions for expansion of their knowledge and skills, global and intercultural outlook; and Facilitation of virtual cooperation where necessary according to the Articles 1-4 of the present agreement.

The Cooperation of Agreement was signed by: Dr.  Charlito P. Cadag, President, CSPC; Prof. Filmor J. Murillo, Director, CSPC Center for International Linkages and Affairs; Prof. Vasyl D. Karpusha, Rector, SUMDU; and Dr. Kostyanty I.  Kyrychenko, Head, SUMDU International Affairs Department.