CSPC partners with ASSERT for OBE

The College, through the Director of the Curricular Reforms and Instructional Materials and Resources Development Services (CRIMRDS) Office, Mr. Herbert John N. Nachor, forged a partnership with the Association of Education Researchers and Trainers (ASSERT) for the integration of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) in the institution and bridging of expected competencies through professional development initiatives and research and publication opportunities.

The collaboration took effect during the 3rd ASSERT National Convention on Outcome-Based Education held on November 9, 2019 at Santa Isabel College of Manila, after ASSERT bestowed upon Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges (CSPC), through Mr. Nachor, a Certificate of Institutional Membership.

ASSERT, a professional organization primarily working to propagate the practice of OBE in the Philippines, provides various services in assisting educational institutions that want a full OBE approach at all levels of teaching, learning, administration, and management, as well as a technology-driven OBE.

ASSERT’s services include OBE consulting for administrators and supervisors, OBE training for staff, OBE products for teaching and learning including outcome-based program curricula, OBE syllabi, outcome-based teaching and learning strategies and materials, outcome-based assessment tools, and outcome-based learning management systems, which may all be altered to meet specific needs of the school.

The company also holds quarterly trainings and workshops designed for specific groups of stakeholders in educational institutions, such as administrators and supervisors, faculty, researchers, and staff.

Moreover, ASSERT organizes an annual research conference that brings together OBE faculty and researchers to share their research and best practices in outcome-based education within their institutions and contexts. The annual research conference serves as a platform where OBE practitioners and enthusiasts engage in a scholarly dialogue about how OBE is implemented within their contexts, its challenges, and impacts.

Essentially, ASSERT conducted a two-day seminar in CSPC on January 17-18, 2020 at the CSPC Pearl Function Hall titled, “Seminar on Outcomes-Based Education: Synergizing Workplace and Academic Outcome.”

The activity, held under the Faculty Development Training Program of CRIMRDS, was participated by the faculty members of the College.