Advancing CDIO Framework: Master Trainers Workshop and Immersion

In its finale, PASUC-TEMASEK Foundation brought the Master Trainers to Singapore Polytechnic at Singapore for the last part of the CDIO Series which started in July 2017. CSPC was represented in the said country by Engr. Keith Marlon R. Tabal, Engr. Francia H. Tomenio, and Engr. Harold Jan R. Terano last April 16-20, 2018.

This workshop entitled Advancing CDIO Framework focused on the finalization of the Key Advancing CDIO Initiatives and Implementation plans not just in the respective institutions but to all State Universities and Colleges in the Philippines. The Master Trainers’ workshop enabled the participants to plan about the following:

  1. Mapping CDIO Skillsets
    1. validate the future attributes with relevant industry
    2. align and map CDIO Skillsets with these attributes
    3. current students’ needs, aspirations, and challenges
  2. Enhancing CDIO Skillsets
    1. multi-disciplinary project for students
    2. multi-disciplinary project teaching plan and project brief
  3. Innovating CDIO Teaching Approaches and Learning Space
    1. Apply relevant learning approaches and delivery
      modes in teaching
    2. Rewrite course CDIO-skills incorporated learning outcomes
    3. design and administer effective assessment methods
    4. design conducive learning spaces that support the active learning approaches.
  4. Sustaining CDIO Initiatives
    1. develop academic mentor scheme
    2. set up community of practice and peer mentoring
    3. promote industry engagements

Also, along this workshop, the participants were enabled to design and produce advancing CDIO training materials, plan the logistics for cascading advancing CDIO workshops, conduct and facilitate the cascading advancing CDIO workshops, and prepare reports for the above cascading advancing CDIO implementation initiatives and workshops.