With the end in view to guide the College in its developmental direction in achieving its long coveted vision to be a premier university in Bicol Region, CSPC President, Dr. Dulce F. Atian, initiated the formulation of the 10 Year Strategic Development Plan (2019-2028) which will be handed to the future leaders of the College. It sought the assistance of Aptissimi Innovations Development Inc., a Consultancy Service group providing development planning to various government and non-government organizations.

The 10 Year Strategic Plan was divided into different sessions. The first session was conducted last September 4, 2017 with stakeholders (parents, alumni, OJT partners, students and extension group). A focused group discussion on various issues affecting the college and the community was discussed with them and their opinion was sought to help the college in its development direction. It was followed last September 29, 2017 with the theme, ‘Building a High Performing Team towards CSPC transformation. On this session, frameworks of change, visioning and organizational values and goals were discussed. This was coupled with plenary session and workshops. A two-day session was conducted on October 19-20, 2017 under the context ‘Understanding CSPC’s External and Internal Environment, and Strategy Formulation. Measures of organizational success, setting the 10 year targets, stakeholder mapping, understanding CSPC’s external environment, assessing CSPC’s Internal Environment, formulating organizational strategies, defining organizational strategies and aligning organizational structure with strategy were the components of the 2-day hectic activity. A special coaching session was also done last November 7, 2017 to finalize the 10-year targets of the College. The last phase was conducted last November 27 and 28, 2017. The first day was done with the Top Management and some members of the Board of Trustees while the November 28 activity was devoted to installing sustainability mechanisms, crafting a results-based Monitoring and Evaluation, aligning organizational programs, projects and activities with strategic directions and completing the CSPC Strategic Plan and Next steps. Aptissimi was composed of able consultants: Brenda Furungganan, Carol Ubalde, Christine Reyes, Imee Pagdanganan and Mr. Emmanuel de Guia.

The final output of the 10-Year Strategic Plan is expected to be submitted to the Board of Trustees on the 1st quarter of 2019.