KOICA – Korean Partnership

In an effort to better position the college in the demands of ASEAN Integration and internationalization, the Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges established a linkage with the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), a governmental an agency dedicated to providing grant aid programs to combat poverty and support sustainable socio-economic growth of partner countries as well as develop and establish friendly ties with them. On October 2015, Ms. Lee Yong

Sook was deployed as volunteer to assist in the enrichment of the Food Processing Project which is part of the Food Service Management program of the College of Management and Entrepreneurship and was then followed by the deployment of another volunteer, Mr. Kim Man Hoi, on January 2017, assigned in the College of Engineering under the Mechanical Engineering department.

From then on, Ms. Lee and Mr. Kim have been providing assistance to the college, especially in academics. Ms. Lee has been collaborating with FSM instructors to teach students on simple Korean dishes which were also sold at the CME Cafeteria. She has also been donating cooking tools and equipment to the Food Laboratory and CME Cafeteria. Aside from that, Ms. Lee also offered some of her time on teaching students the Korean language and writing system. Mr. Kim, on the other hand, has been devoting his time to creating an Automotive Machine Shop Module for the Mechanical Engineering program. He has also donated machine shop tools for the utilization of the Mechanical Engineering students. In a span of two years of volunteerism, Ms. Lee and Mr. Kim are not just international partners in the achievement of the College’s goal of excellence in polytechnic education but also friends who willingly provides to the best that they can to help educate lives. (JhoUlpendo)