One significant unit of any college/university is the Office of the Registrar – at CSPC, it is represented by the Student Registration and Records Office . It is a major frontline service that plays a critical and central role within the campus community. Its role, which is core to the institution, is to create, maintain, certify, and protect the academic institution’s records of courses, degrees, and students. As any academic institution embarks upon the utilization of new technologies, engage in continuous improvement, and strives for innovation and change, the SRR should be a cooperative, leading, and driving force and an important part of the structure in accomplishing it’s goals.

Vision, Mission, Goals and Core Values

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The Student Registration and Records Office shall provide world-class quality customer service from admission to graduation, and academic records management through continual improvement, international standards and integration of new technologies.


The Student Registration and Records Office shall be an academic and administrative support unit of the university/college committed to providing excellent and responsive service to students, alumni, faculty and staff, and the public, with the highest standards of integrity, accuracy, efficiency, confidentiality, and security.


  1. Satisfy customer needs.
  2. Enable office personnel to excel
  3. Import technology
  4. Import continuous process improvement.
  5. Optimize use of available resources
  6. Operate/sustain a quality workspace environment

Core Values

The Student Registration and Records (SRR) emphasizes:

  • Accuracy. To maintain exceptional quality in our records and processes.
  • Integrity. To demand responsibility, confidentiality, and honesty in our work.
  • Customer Service. To help people in a timely and caring way.
  • Communication. To share expertise and listen to our clients and each other.
  • Teamwork. To foster a collaborative work environment

General Function

The Student Registration and Records (SRR) provides a wide range of services to the academic community.   The unit’s standing policy is to always respond to legitimate requests for information or services as quickly and accurately as possible.  The SRR is responsible mainly for the registration, graduation, and issuance of official scholastic documents of students.



Issuance of Official Scholastic Documents of Students