Novel Researches

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Mr.  Ferdinand B. Valencia


Utility Model

–        Improvised Backyard Composting Utility (Registration No. 02/2020/050203)

–        Improved Broom Stick Holder (Registration No. 02/2019/050480)

–        Kitchen Scraps Composting Device (Registration No. 02/2020/050199)

Industrial Design

–        Composting Device (Registration No. 02/2020/050233)

Engr. Bonifacio B. Buyet

Engr. Radmar B. Tañamor

Engr. Leo E. Luceña

Engr. Alvin O. Magistrado

Engr. Anthony C. Sumpay

Mr. Christian L. Barra


Utility Model

–        A Non-Metallic Waste Shredder

Engr. Bonifacio B. Buyet

Engr. Cyrus F. Bacudio

Engr. Ramon D. Biado, Jr.

Engr. Augustine Paul O. Cantorne

Engr. Mark Anthony B. Portugal

Engr. Teody C. Sayin


Utility Model

–        A Bamboo Splitting Machine Having Planning and Polishing Means

Engr. Angelo Odie R. Arroyo

Ms. Elisha B. Cerillo

Engr. John Kenneth A. Hugo

Mr. Joseph F. Nonato

Engr. Emman P. Villamayor

Engr. Harold Jan R. Terano


Utility Model

–        Greenhouse Environmental Parameters Monitoring Device using Wireless Sensor Network (Registration No. 02/2019/050537)

Engr. Saul J. Ebonite

Engr. Christopher T. Oares

Engr. Edna P. Montañez

Engr. Radmar B. Tañamor


Utility Model

–        A Cacao Seed Processing Assembly

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Title of Research Paper



Title, Venue, Date Where the Research Output was Presented





Nitrogen Deficiency Level Assessment Device for Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) and Maize (Zea Mays L.) using Spectrophotometry 2nd Best Paper Engr. Keith Marlon Tabal


Regional Symposium on Research and Development Highlights (RSRDH) Via Google Meet February 8-9, 2021 Bicol Consortium for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources (BCAARD)
Development and Performance Evaluation of a Portable Perlite Expander Machine for Small-Scale Industries Best Paper Engr. Saul J. Ebonite

Engr. Harold Jan R. Terano

1st BASC National Research and Development Conference Via Zoom April 8, 2021 Bulacan Agriculture State College

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Research Title


Cluster 1 – Developmental


Nitrogen Deficiency Level Assessment Tool For Rice (Oryza Sativa L.)

And Maize (Zea Mays L.) Using Nearest Neighbor Algorithm And Spectrophotometry

Engr. Keith Marlon R. Tabal


Pre-Fabricated Ferrocement Wall Panel

For Low-Cost Housing Construction

Mr. Elias L. Tomenio

Engr. Francia H. Tomenio


Sigsv2: Enhanced Student ID Generator

And Management System

Dr. Ian P. Benitez

Mr. Philip Alger M. Serrano

Cluster 2 – Research Category


Enablers And Barriers To Research Productivity Among Faculty Of Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges Dr. Seth B. Barandon


The Implementation Of Strategic Performance Management System In A State College Of Camarines Sur Dr. April Z. Luzon


Water Supply System At San Roque Madawon, Nabua, Camarines Sur


Engr. Francia H. Tomenio

Mr. Elias L. Tomenio