Extension Vision, Mission, Goals, and Objectives


A responsive and relevant extension program towards sustainable development and empowerment of the community within the service area and beyond


To assist the community in the management of its resources through systematic planning, coordination and implementation of relevant extension services by applying concepts, values, and skills shared by the different departments of the college.


The goal of CSPC Extension is to let the community feel its presence and improve the quality of their lives through the conduct of demand-driven and research-based extension programs, projects and activities that will gain active participation and involvement from both parties by harnessing external and internal resources and viable linkages.


  • To propose appropriate policies that can help in the delivery of extension programs, projects and activities (PPAs);
  • To design responsive, relevant and sustainable programs by conducting participatory planning with the community and other stakeholders;
  • To establish partnership and collaboration with Local Government Units, Non-Government Organizations and other stakeholders in implementing extension PPAs of the College; and
  • To document extension PPAs as part of monitoring and evaluation to ensure a continuous delivery of efficient and effective extension towards community development.

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