Extension Thrusts and Priorities

All Extension projects and activities of the college shall be in line with the following program thrust:


  • Technology Transfer/Technology Promotion cum Skills Training Program Gender and Advocacy Development.
  • Environment Protection Promoting Climate Change Mitigation.
  • Health and Nutrition Program.
  • Poverty Alleviation Program.
  • Consultancy Service.
  • Capability Building through Seminars and Workshops.
  • Applied Communication through Print and Non- Print production.
  • Entrepreneurial Activities.
  • Community Infrastructure Development Assistance ship.
  • Home Management cum health and Sanitation.
  • Literacy Program.
  • Sports and Cultural development Program.
  • Cooperative Education and Development Program.
  • Job Placement Program.
  • Community Organizing In/Out Campus Tutorial Services.
  • Strategies

In order to ensure effective implementation of the programs and projects in consonance with its objectives, the CSPC Extension Services Office has devised the following strategies for implementation.

  • Coordinate with the different departments who will directly spearhead the planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the program of the college in coordination with the Extension Office.
  • Establish a network for planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluations of projects to develop an efficient system of extension program management.
  • Assist the identified community or barangay to be served through technical, vocational, educational, entrepreneurial, health and environmental services as well as other needs identified.
  • Promote a systematic program of human and material resource development and an adequate pool of highly motivated manpower, capable of meeting needs of Extension Services.
  • Utilize research-based technologies for sustainable development.
  • Design Skills Training programs responsive to the needs of the community.
  • Establish and build-up linkages its government and non-government agencies, local and international professional organizations et.
  • Encourage the involvement of alumni in the different programs and activities of the college.
  • Render technical consultancy services.
  • Promote a community-based extension program.
  • Monitor and valuate extension program implemented.
  • Provide continuing program for academic staff involved in the extension activities trainings and seminars.
  • Create group of extensionist or pool of experts.


Being one of the four folds functions of the college of the Extension Services office has to perform the following functions:

  • Develop and implement institutional programs and projects of the college.
  • Coordinate with the academic department in the consolidation of implemented for the year.
  • Submit reports of the result based monitoring and evaluation conducted.
  • Develop and recommend policies and strategies to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of implementation of programs and projects by academic departments based on monitoring and evaluation result.
  • Establish linkages and collaborate with other unit, government agencies as well as private institutions to enhance the implementation of both the institutional and departmental programs and projects of the college.
  • Submit periodic reports on the impact of extension work on the quality of life in the service area.
  • Perform other function that may be assigned from time to time.