Polytechnic education at its best for the Bicolanos


Transforming lives to be free of poverty by creating a better future through world class polytechnic education and technological innovation.

Goals and Objectives

    1. Produce professionally competent graduates who are responsible Filipino and global citizens by providing quality teaching and learning environment
      1. To enhance curricular offerings that are compliant to quality assurance and responsive to local, regional and global needs
      2. To develop faculty expertise aligned to specific polytechnic discipline
      3. To optimize ICT applications in teaching and learning
      4. To ensure a conducive learning environment at par with global standards
    2. Generate new knowledge and innovative technology responsive to local and global needs
      1. To generate knowledge and technology in support to industry
      2. To enhance research capabilities of faculty in their respective discipline
      3. To broaden research and development network with leading research institutions
    3. Improve the quality of lives through the conduct of demand-driven and research-based extension services
      1. To design and implement responsive and sustainable community engagement programs
      2. To collaborate with key stakeholders in the implementation of programs through resource sharing
      3. To document existing programs as basis for good practices
    4. Strive for optimal performance by sustaining good governance conditions and sound management of the college’s resources
      1. To provide quality services through a unified governance and management system using ICT solutions and applications
      2. To inculcate the highest degree of commitment and professionalism in all university undertakings
      3. To uplift faculty and staff morale and competence through adequate opportunities for promotion and career development
      4. To upgrade physical plant and facilities that are responsive to stakeholders needs and at par with international standards

Core Values

CSPC shall pursue its mission and vision with fervor steered by the values that have driven this institution over the years. Our services and our acts shall constantly reflect these nine organizational values that CSPC CARES:

CREATIVITY, ability to transcend and create meaningful concepts in the four-fold functions

S-ERVICE ORIENTATION, continuous improvement of the quality of our products and services as public servants

PASSION, overwhelming desire to deliver services to the stakeholders

COLLABORATION, emphasis on teamwork and prominence given to the engagement with external partners

CHARACTER, transform students for holistic moral values

ALTRUISM, manifest the desire to help selflessly

RESPONSIBILITY, possess a high sense of accountability

EXCELLENCE, standout in the academic endeavor

STEWARDSHIP, govern students with moral standards