CSPC’s CGAD launches multiple events this 3rd quarter of 2022

Starting off in July, CSPC’s Center for Gender and Development launches several activities for the 3rd quarter of 2022. Firs in the was an “acceptance of donation of paints for the implementation of gender sensitive PRIDEstrian Lanes within the College campus premises. Then it was followed by accommodating a benchlearning activity of Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Ragay campus at the Child-Minding Center of the school. For some internal and institutional use, repair of learning tablets was necessary to take place. Then an observance of International Youth Day in the form of an extension (advocacy) activity. Finally, events were capped with the opening of Child Minding Center. Participants in this bootcamp are faculty members along with their respective mentors and come from 17 Philippine and seven (7) ASEAN
universities and colleges.