Dr. Barandon triumphs as new FAI President

In the recently concluded 2022 Miting de Avance and Election of Faculty Association Incorporated (FAI) officers, which took place on August 26 at the CSPC Auditorium, Dr. Seth B. Barandon was announced as the new FAI President.

The new set of FAI officers also include the following: Engr. Francia Tomenio won for the position of Vice President, Mrs. Syrell Hallare for Secretary, Mr. Norel Peter Illo for Treasurer, Mr. Joffrey R. Bustinera for Auditor, Ms. Janessa Angustia Malaya as the PIO, Ms. Michelle Junio and Mr. Mark Anthony Orobia won for Business Managers.

Furthermore, the following were also announced as the members of the Board of Directors: Ms. Ruby Jane Gonzales, Mr. Bonifacio Buyet, Mr. NiƱo Jeffrey Luzon, Mr. Kristopher Visaya, Ms. Alicia Nuyda, Ms. Alyssa Lagatic, Ms. Maria Luisa Sotero, and Ms. Josefin Oliveros.

A total of 83.33% exercised their right to vote between ONLINE, headed by Dr. Marietta Tataro, and RISE4CSPC, led by Dr. Seth Barandon, and one independent runner, Dr. Marlon Pontillas.

The voting process that occurred at the CSPC Internet Laboratory made use of UVOTE, a system that was developed by the CCS Department of CSPC.

Two members of the COMELEC-CSPC FAI, Mr. Charles V. Bolival and Engr. Harold Jan R. Terano, were also present during the event, along with the Chairperson, Dr. April V. Zaballa-Luzon, who announced the results of the election. Faculty members and professors, along with deans from different departments, attended the said event.

Words by Gabrielle Loquias

Photos by Jamela Hazel Tranquilo/ TheSPARK