CSPC holds first PRAISE Awards since 2019

To honor colleagues who have demonstrated exemplary dedication and excellent service the Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges (CSPC), through its Human Resource Development Office (HRDO) held its Program on Rewards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) Awards on March 23, 2022 at the CSPC Auditorium. It was the first PRAISE Awards the College has held since 2019.

A total of 110 awards and citations were given to 64 employees and 3 former public servants; with 11 for the Career and Self-Development Grantees, 27 for the 2020 and 2021 Loyalty Awardees, 15 for the combined 2020 and 2021 PRAISE Awardees, 50 for the 2020 and 2021 nominees, and 5 special awardees. The awards were announced by HRDO Officer Juvy Bustamante with the certificates, plaques and tokens distributed by CSPC President Dr. Charlito P. Cadag and VP for Administration and Finance Nancy S. Penetrante and VP REPED Dr. Teresita Salazar.

To start, Certificates of Commendation for Careers and Self Development were awarded to 2020 MBM Graduate Ailen G. Ala; 2021 MAN Graduate Fe D. Camba; 2021 MIT Graduates Melrose Prades and Juluis C. Denina; 2021 MPA Graduate, Mariane Christine Lico, and. Maria Theresa A. Pascual; 2021 MBA Graduates Mary Chie B. Amoroso, Judgen G. Bardinas, Jr., Izzy N. Parañal, and Jessica C. Marpuri, and: 2021 PhD in Educational Management Jay L. Luzon.

The 2020 Loyalty Awards for 10 years in service were given to Mary Ann A. Martinez, Prof. Filmor J. Murillo, Rey T. Cortez, Leo E. Luceña, Genna B. Serrano, Elsa E. Lozano, and Melany C. Federis who were given a plaque and a bronze loyalty pin. The 2021 Loyalty Awards for 10 years in service were given to Dr. Amado A. Oliva, Jr., Darwin P. Buena, Edna P. Montañez, and Angel E. Quiapo were given the same tokens.

In addition, the 2020 Loyalty Awards for 15 years in service were given to Ruby Jane S. Gonzales, Henry P. Turalde, and Christopher T. Oares, who were also given a plaque & bronze loyalty pin.

For 20 years in service, a plaque, silver loyalty pin and silver wristwatch was awarded each to

Rizza T. Loquias, Narciso P. Sisno, Jr., Vivian E. Lastrollo, Seth B. Barandon, and Maria Visitacion M. Taburnal under the 2020 Loyalty Award, and Ma. Laarni M. Salcedo under the 2021 Loyalty Award.

For 25 years in service Eddie L. Cabaltera was awarded the 2020 Loyalty Award with a plaque, silver loyalty pin, and silver wristwatch; and similarly the 2021 Loyalty Award for Engr. Radmar B. Tañamor and Dr. Arly B. Balingbing for their 25 years in CSPC.

Shirley M. Illo was the sole awardee for 30 years of service and has been given the 2020 Loyalty Award with a plaque, gold loyalty pin, gold wristwatch, and a gold ring.

Similarly, for 35 years of service Irene Virginia C. Blanquera was awarded with the 2020 Loyalty Award, with Nancy S. Penetrante and retired VP for Administration and Finance Ferdinand B. Valencia with the 2021 Loyalty Award, all with a plaque, a gold loyalty pin, a gold wristwatch, and a gold ring.

Further, the award for the 2020 Best Office/Support Staff went to Charmaine Recah V. De Lima and Marilyn B. Villoso. Nominations included Meden P. Tolosa, Marie Joy L. Ramizares, maria Teresa A. Pascual, Joyce S. Arabaja and Jemelyn A. Borromeo. The 2021 Award went to Elsa E. Lozano with Rosie L. Nilo, Marie Joy L. Ramizares, Mhelrose B. Prades, Meden P. Tolosa, Charmaine Recah V. De Lima, Daisy G. Gastilo, Arlene S. Longares, Marilyn B. Villoso, Genevie A. Estrebello, Jubelle Kristine T. Reyes, and Lourdes E. Sta. Cruz as co-nominees.

Furthermore, the 2020 Best Office Head of the Year went to Nancy S. Penetrante and the 2021 Best Office Head went to Luningning Q. Bregala, alongside nominations for Shirley M. Illo, Abraham Betito, and Arlene Malaya. The 2020 and 2021 Best Coordinator of the Year went to Christine Margoux M. Sirios and Dan Randolf P. Francia, respectively.

The 2020 and 2021 Best Director both went to Luningning Q. Bregala alongside nominations for Nancy S. Penetrante, Arlene O. Malaya, and Shirley M. Illo. Jocelyn O. Jintalan was awarded as the 2020 and 2021 Best Dean. Teresita B. Salazar was awarded the Best Vice President for 2020 while Ferdinand B. Valencia was awarded the Best Vice President for 2021.

Emilda E. Escolano was given the 2020 Best Faculty of the Year while Edna P. Montañez was the 2021 Best Faculty alongside nominations for Grace E. Pacer, Maricris L. Ramizares, Wenceslao D. Gavina, Jose Ariel R. Ibarrientos, Eddie L. Cabaltera, and Marlon SD. Pontillas.

Finally, Plaques of Appreciation were awarded to former members of the CSPC Board of Trustees Hon. Leonisa O. Infante and Hon. Eisen Rose D. Galvante. The awards were crested with the Presidential Awards with recognitions given to Mr. Ferdinand B. Valencia, Mr. Filmor J. Murillo, and Dr. Estelito R. Clemente.