IPDO conducts two-day seminar workshop on SPMS and OPCR documents

In commitment with its mandate, the Institutional Planning and Development Office through the Performance Management Team spearheaded a two-day seminar workshop on Strategic Performance Management System (SPMS) and Office Performance Commitment Review (OPCR) documents preparation last March 05 and 07, 2022 via zoom platform to ensure that every employee regardless of their position and stature know the basic aspects of SPMS and OPCR documents preparation.

The re-orientation of SPMS of the College cum Workshop on OPCR documents preparation is a vital facet in the development of the institution, CSPC President Dr. Charlito P. Cadag said, “Transformation and excellence, the mantra of CSPC has always been the beacon, the guide, the path in all the things that we do as an institution of a high-caliber service towards the community. This reorientation will ensure that there is a continuity and an avenue for improvement to the things we have done in the past. And to be able to do that, there should be a fertile foundation and concretized efforts”.

The seminar workshop revolved on the legal provisions provided on the Section 7.2 of the CSC- Approved SPMS. The SPMS of the college is pillar and backbone of the institution that serves as a management tool for the performance of planning, control and improvement and guarantee employees internationalization of the role as partners of the academe in meeting organizational performance goals.

The two day seminar workshop focuses on the salient features of the CSC-Approved SPMS of the college, the role of the Performance Management Team, its initiatives, issues and concerns encountered during OPCR review and OPCR template and documents preparation per OPCR indicators.

According to the IPDO Director, Mrs. Marivel F. Paycana, “There is a need for a continuing effort of the college to effectively implement and enforce SPMS through its PMT. This virtual re-orientation cum workshop will provide the participants a clear, concise and up to date information on SPMS and OPCR as an integral part of the performance results of their office core and mandates”

The two-day seminar workshop was attended by the panel of evaluators, VPREPED Dr. Teresita B. Salazar, VPAA Dr. Amado Oliva Jr., VPAF Mrs. Nancy S. Penetrante, CAO/SPMO Dr. Luningning Q. Bregala, IPDO Director Marivel Paycana, FMS Director, Mrs. Shirley M. Illo and two representatives from each office under administrative, academic and research. (IPDO News)