VPAA and IPDO Director conduct series of meetings with College Deans

Living up to the credo of excellence and quality services, VPAA and IPDO Director conducted a series of meetings with the College Deans to keep track on the 2022 Institutional Targets of the Academic Cluster cascaded in the BOT-approved Enriched Operational Plan at the CSPC Graduate School Defense Room from February 07 -14, 2022.

The series of meetings was steered to monitor the preparation, level of progress and discuss major milestones of each colleges. During the dialogue, it was agreed upon that there will be a regular monthly monitoring, every second week of the month to ensure that the institutional targets are met on time.

According to Marivel Paycana, IPDO Director, “This agreement between me and Dr. Oliva gives us the clear vision to what the colleges are doing. It serves us a guide that tracks each Colleges of what requirements are needed to submit”.

The scheduled meeting of the following Colleges were as follows:
Feb 07, 2022 (AM) – Graduate School
Feb 07, 2022 (PM) – College of Engineering
Feb 09, 2022 (AM) – College of Health Sciences
Feb 09, 2022 (PM) – College of Business Management
Feb 10, 2022 (AM) – College of Arts and Sciences
Feb 10, 2022 (PM) – College of Technological and Developmental Education
Feb 14, 2022 (AM) – College of Computer Studies
Feb 14, 2022 (PM) – Buhi Campus

The meeting was attended by VPAA Dr. Amado Oliva Jr., IPDO Director Marivel Paycana, College Deans and Program Chairs.