PMT conducts OPCR Review of Accomplishments

As an institution where excellence is part of its culture, the Performance Management Team (PMT) as key player in the implementation of the Strategic Performance Management Systems (SPMS) of the College conducted the OPCR Review of Accomplishments last January 24-26, 2022 at the College Board Room to evaluate the performance results of different units as against their 2021 office performance commitments and targets.

According to Ms. Paycana, PMT Member- Secretary and IPDO Director, “Performance of most offices exceeded the expectations by 15% to 29% of the planned targets that are cascaded from the Operational Plan which includes the CSPC Roadmap to PSUB”. She emphasized that through the performance results, it can be gleaned that the CSPC Administration, Faculty, Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff are committed in serving the academe with too much enthusiasm and gusto.

The result of the OPCR review of accomplishments shall be recommended by the PMT to the College President who shall then determine the final office rating.

The PMT Review Committee is composed of Dr. Teresita B. Salazar (PMT Chair), Dr. Amado A. Oliva Jr. (PMT V-Chair), Mrs. Nancy S. Penetrante (PMT V-Chair), Ms. Marivel F. Paycana (PMT Member-Secretary), Dr. Luningning Q. Bregala (PMT Member), Mrs. Shirley M. Illo (PMT Member), Dr. Estelito R. Clemente (PMT Member), Mr. Juvy M. Bustamante (PMT Member), and Dr. Marietta A. Tataro (PMT Member).

Apart from the OPCR review of accomplishments, Ms. Marivel Paycana, IPDO Director initiated and proposed a new template of OPCR of unit heads and IPCR form for faculty members both regular and COS with corresponding targets and success indicators aligned with BOT-approved Enriched Operational Plan.

After the dialogue and thorough deliberation, the Resolution No. 01, s. 2022 was passed entitled, “Endorsing to the College President for the adoption of Strategic and Support Functions of the OPCR form of all Offices and the adoption of the PMT-reviewed Individual Performance Commitment Review (IPCR) template for all Regular and COS Faculty Members of the College effective January 2022”

Also, another resolution was passed entitled, “A resolution no longer requiring the unit heads to submit for another set of IPCR aside from their OPCR and IPCR as faculty members effective January 2022.” (Res. No. 03, s. 2022).