CSPC holds mushroom siopao workshop for Salvacion Baao residents

The Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges through its Extension Services Office in cooperation with the College of Business Management (CBM) conducted a 2-day limited face-to-face seminar on mushroom siopao production for 30 residents of Salvacion, Baao, Camarines Sur on November 26-27, 2021.

Titled ‘Mushroom Siopao Production Business Implementation” the project was initiated from an inspiration of the CBM faculty to create a siopao with mushroom fillings. The Oyster Mushroom Siopao, according to proponents, received satisfactory feedback from taster respondents. Proponents also cited several possible health advantages as lessens the danger of gaining weight and ward off certain ailments.

Speakers of the seminar-workshop included CBM Dean Dr. Norel Peter Illo who discussed Mushroom Siopao Production, with Mark Anthony Orobia doing the lecture demonstration on the first day; and, Roque Cruz II and Dr. Lalaine Lastrollo who discussed Marketing and Commercialization on the second day.

Also, according to proponents, many people of Baao desire to start their own business and the former contends that through the Mushroom Siopao there will be more income options available for the community’s residents and may help reduce poverty.

Goals of the activity include to inspire functionally productive, self-sufficient and innovative community members; to empower participants to venture into entrepreneurship; to conduct lecture and training skills demonstration on mushroom siopao with entrepreneurial management integration, and to offer a training program critical for generating revenue or source of primary income.

Funding for the activity amounted to Php 10,965.00, the Php 6,785.00 of the total coming from CSPC funds and Php 4,180.00 from external funding. Expenses consisted of cooking ingredients, meals for participants and trainers, and a tarp poster.