Guidance Center holds values formation for freshmen

The Guidance Center held a webinar on Values Formation 2021 to help freshmen, the newest members of the CPSC community, in facing new experiences in College life. The seminar was streamed live via Zoom and Facebook live on October 21, 2021.

The webinar’s theme was “CSPC Cares: Quality Education for all during COVID-19 Crisis” which
promised to provide relevant activities to develop the personality, improve behavior and attitude
and make the participants more aware of the values essential to being a CSPC student.

The seminar featured sessions on CSPC Core Values as “Establishing Character” by Mr. John Robert
Reception, “Altruism” by Josefina H. Llagas, MIT, ‘Excellence” by Engineer John Rey M. Pacturanan,
and “Stewardship” by Dr. Norel Peter M. Illo.

Freshmen who attended the seminars were observed to be cooperative and enthusiastic in their
participation in the discussions of the core values, the live Facebook feed of which earned an
approximate total of 2,600 plus views. They were also requested to fill out evaluation forms via
Google Forms after the activity.

The seminar, under the formation program of personal development, was budgeted at P10,000.00
which covered lunch and snacks for 50 persons.