CTDE holds 1st Student Government Elections

The College of Technological and Developmental Education, following the opening of three more programs under its wing, has conducted its 1st ever Student Government Elections on October 6, 2021. Proponents of the student government say that it aims to “empower and provide students with greater opportunities ..to develop social accountability, civic awareness and transformative leadership.”

With the opening of three more programs aside from Bachelor of Technical Vocational Teacher Education as Bachelor of Physical Education, Bachelor of Special Needs Education and Bachelor of Culture and Arts Education under the CTDE, the college has presented its first ever student government. The election was held on October 6, 2021 and the newly elected officers were proclaimed on October 8, 2021.

The student election involved various activities as the filing of certificates of candidacy on September 13-17,, posting of official candidates on September 20, holding of the campaign period from September 21 to 28, holding of the “Miting de Avance” on September 29, which in itself involved many committees composed of the CTDE community.

The election called for the support of the CTDE officials and staff as Board of Elections Committee with Mr. Romeo B. Sotto, Dr. Patrick Gerard Paulino, and Mr. Bryan Amoranto and CTDE Program Chairs, and IT support through Ms. Karla Mae N. Sirios.

Objectives of the exercise included providing students with a democratic selection process, giving aspiring student leaders an avenue to showcase their leadership potentials, and providing opportunities for student leaders to voice and gain support from administrators and stakeholders.

The election process was done exclusively online due to COVID-19 restrictions and was a zerobudget activity for the College.