Online Enrolment Procedure for Graduate Programs

STEP 1: Using your browser, visit the my.CSPC Portal by going to

STEP 2: Click Login to my.CSPC

STEP 3: Select Student.

STEP 4: Login with your User ID and Password.

STEP 5: Click the Transactions menu and select Enrollment.

STEP 6: From the Enrollment Data Box, click OK.

STEP 7: From the Pre-Enlisted Subjects, (1) select your subject of choice. Then, (2) under Schedule, choose your preferred schedule. Finally (3) click the Add button. Repeat this process to add another.

Important: Students are only allowed to add three (3) subjects.

STEP 8: When an Info dialogue box appears, click OK.

STEP 9: Click the Assess button to view the Assessment Report.

STEP 10: Click the PDF button to preview your Certificate of Registration.