Interim and urgent institutional CoViD-19 contingency measures for employees, students, visitors and other clients

In light of the recent COVID-19 incidents in the Municipality of Nabua and in Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges, by virtue of Administrative Memorandum No. 124, s. 2021, all employees, students, and clients/visitors are enjoined to strictly follow the interim and urgent institutional COVID-19 contingency measures to be implemented effective Monday, March 29, 2021, viz:

  • The institution shall resume limiting entry to a cut-off of one hundred (100) clients, students and visitors per day until 4:00 PM only. Clients who come beyond the cut-off shall be refused entry.
  • Consideration may be given beyond cut-off to clients coming from far away or remote areas. Clients with urgency concerns at the CSPC Lying-in Clinic, an identification (ID) card must be presented to the guards on-duty prior to entry.
  • Students, visitors and other clients are not allowed inside the campus on weekends unless with appointment or authorization. Authorized students (Central Student Council Officers, ROTC/MOCC officers, and Dormitory residents, etc) shall maintain a separate contact tracing logbook at their respective areas and wear their IDs at all times in the campus. Proof of authorization or appointment shall be presented at the guard on-duty prior to entry.
  • Once the online appointment system is in place, only students, visitors, and other clients with prior appointments or authorization shall be allowed to enter the campus premises.
  • CSPC employees from other municipalities shall be provided with trave authority by the College as necessary.
  • Health and safety protocols, such as hand washing, wearing of mask, face shield, physical distancing, and contact tracing shall be strictly observed while inside the campus.
  • Hand washing or hand hygiene (with 70% alcohol) at the designated areas shall be observed especially for public transport commuters. Those coming into CSPC via private vehicle or shuttle service shall perform alcohol hand hygiene to avoid congestion in the hand wash area.
  • Large gatherings or group dynamic activities on a face-to-face mode are strictly prohibited within the campus.
  • To ensure furthest and accurate dissemination, everyone is enjoined to share only official information and advisories with regard to these institutional measures.

For guidance and strict compliance.