GOING NOWHERE BUT FORWARD: 2021 New Year’s Message by Dr. Charlito P. Cadag

New challenges to face…

New hurdles to surpass…

New opportunities to embrace…

New triumphs and victories to anticipate… and

New milestones to celebrate…

These anticipations are enough proofs that we ought to have a Happy New Year, my dear CSPCeans!

Undeniably, we were overwhelmed by a shedload of obstacles in 2020. Many plans were cancelled and more dreams were delayed. Nonetheless, these do not mean that we are caving in already. We have proven that Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges can brave the odds and take up uncertainties on a scale that is extraordinary. I am proud of how we demonstrated adaptability in a situation that we have never confronted before.

With the dawn of 2021, we will set forth towards another chapter full of possibilities and opportunities. There is a long road ahead of us, and the start of the new year is a fitting time to look into our aspirations. As I share to you a run-through of our targets this year, may we be reminded of our strong-willed enthusiasm to go over and beyond our mandated role as an academic institution.


Our unwavering goal of producing professionally competent graduates is still among our utmost priorities. To support this, we will leave no stones unturned as we augment our curricular offerings with new graduate programs, namely:  Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Education (PhDNE), the first to offer among State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) in the Philippines; Doctor of Philosophy in Business Management (PhDBM); Doctor of Engineering (DE) with two major fields of specialization: Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering; Master in Information Technology; Master in Hospitality Management; and Master of Arts in Nursing major in Disaster Resilience. For our new undergraduate program offerings, we shall have the following: Bachelor of Science in Development Communication (BSDC), Bachelor of Physical Education (BPE), Bachelor of Special Needs Education (BSNEd); Bachelor in Technical – Vocational Teacher Education (BTVTEd) major in Fish Processing (FP); Bachelor of Culture and Arts Education (BCAE); Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration (ABPA); and Bachelor of Human Services (BHS).  We shall also maintain our status as the powerhouse of board passers, placers, and topnotchers with the establishment of the Training, Review, and Assessment Center (TRAC).

We will also revive and strengthen the 13 National Competencies (NC) for Levels II and III Courses under the Technical Education and Skills Development (TESDA) to equip our students and graduates with the “tools of the trade”, so to speak, so that they become more competitive in the real world of work.

To expose further our College to the rest of the world, our internationalization efforts will be revitalized through new partnership with foreign higher educational institutions (HEIs) and revisiting of the various existing Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with international and local universities.

This year, more programs will be submitted for Levels II, III, and IV accreditation in order to maintain our academic quality, prestige, and authority which is at par with international standards. Moreover, we will strive to place CSPC at the focal point of various undertakings that will demonstrate our distinction in education and services. These include the establishment of Centers of Development (COD) in Information Technology and Office Administration; and preparation for the Center for Development in Nursing and Electrical Engineering.

As our paramount partners in achieving educational success, we also put premium to the holistic growth of our faculty. Hence, we will continue reinforcing their qualification through the offering of massive scholarship programs to qualified and deserving faculty members.

But despite having a determined spirit in fulfilling milestones after milestones, we are not overlooking the threat of the pandemic that still threatens our every action. Thus, we are putting spotlight on our usage of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education to ensure that our stakeholders will not be left behind by our revolutionary responses to a global crisis.


We are also staying true to our commitment to the community and the industry with the generation of knowledge and technology in the field of research. This year, more faculty will be encouraged to engage themselves in research.

The Center for Research and Development (CRD) will also mobilize continuous capability buildings to arm them with technical skills and knowledge needed in their undertakings, presentation of completed researches in local, regional, and international fora, and the submission of outputs to refereed journals for publication. Incentives will also be put in place to ensure and recompense their active involvement. We will also be pushing for the Rinconada Development Institute, a multisectoral council where we will be the base agency whose main goal is to address the perennial problem of flooding, provide livelihood opportunities, and preserve and conserve the amazingly beautiful culture of Rinconada.

Also, we shall be spearheading the First International Conference on Engineering, Information Technology, and Technical Education through the CRD.

To realize the overall benefit of research and development in the community level, a strong network of institutions will be upheld. Among our vital response to this is focusing on having at least three externally funded research in various college departments.


Touching upon the subject of association with the community, we likewise put our Extension Services at the foreground of our plans this year – a clear exhibit of our adherence in contributing to sustainable development and empowering our locality. We will be targeting thousands of trainees who will be recipient of trainings, Information Education and Communication (EIC), community outreach, technical assistance, and technology transfer and utilization.

We will also sustain our dynamic partnership with different entities and organizations geared towards the implementation of extension programs. These include Local Government Units, Non-Government Organizations, industries, Small and Medium Enterprises, and other stakeholders.

And as we move forward, we will be working out for a university extension flagship program dubbed as the “Prolific Service and Undertakings for a Beaconing Success” or CSPC SUCCESS. As a comprehensive and holistic approach, it basically addresses all aspects of community development where all Colleges, Faculty Association, Inc. (FAI), Association of Non-Teaching Personnel (ANTEP), NSTP students, and all accredited student organizations shall take part in its implementation.


Our voyage towards universityhood brings forth a more diversified organization that requires accountability and transparency for us to become sustainable in the long run. Thus, we hold good governance in high esteem and practice it with sincerity.

Still paying regard to ICT, we will push for the digitalization of the College’s different management systems and further improvement of the Students Information and Accounting System. These and more efforts are our acknowledgement to the government’s call to shift into modern and state-of-the-art manner of serving clients.

Quality is the name of CSPC’s game. That is the reason why we devote our time and effort in conforming to quality assurance mechanisms to guarantee superior service to our stakeholders. Among these is the compliance to Performance-Based Bonus, continuance of the ISO 9001:2015 Certification, and pushing towards certification in ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems), ISO 45001 (Occupational Health & Safety Management System), and ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System).

We would like to ensure as well that the growth of our faculty and staff are prioritized. This year, we will embark on upgrading our PRIME-HRM Certification to Level 3.

Finally, 2021 will see the supplemental development of our physical plant and facilities including the construction of Academic Building, completion of walkway, and establishment of Buhi Campus and the Bula Campus through the 20-hectare lot donation of Mr. Benjamin Arejola and family. The latter will be known as the Polytechnic State University of Bicol – Gen. Ludoviso Arejola Campus of Bula, Camarines Sur.

These targets are only few of what we wish to fulfill this year. Ambitious it may seem, but our collective determination will make every single one of them possible. Indeed, this chapter will test us anew. However, we CSPCeans are branded with the ideals of a fighter who knows how to conform to abrupt changes, conquer any adversity, and get up from every fall; no wonder we managed to face a pandemic, back-to-back-to-back storms, and other debacles without ever giving up.

I firmly believe that the new year will be a period of recovery from all the hardships that 2020 has brought us. With all the challenges that we met, CSPC did not just manage to rose to the occasion; we also managed to rose even stronger and more resilient than ever before.  And where we are right now and where we will be in the near future is nothing but success that we attribute to every CSPCean – backed by our passion, hard work, and shared vision and commitment. I am well aware of how our institution relies on our culture of productive and effective teamwork. This year, we will manifest this value once again by aspiring for greatness with positive outlook as one community. Hence, I am very thrilled to venture into another year-long journey with you.

I wish the entire CSPC Community a prosperous 2021!

About the author

Vencel is the designated Content Writer and Social Media Administrator of CSPC. Concurrently, he teaches at the College of Computer Studies as Instructor I.