COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges hereby presents its approved COVID-19 safety protocols as per BOT Resolution No. 2, s. 2020 and anchored on CHED Advisory No. 6 and RA No. 11469 or the Bayanihan to Heal as One Act.

  1. Proceed to the thermal scanning before entry.
  2. Pass by the disinfection area by walking though the foot/shoe bath after which the hand wash station. Strictly, AVOID SPITTING.
  3. The policy on “NO VALID ID, NO FACE MASK/FACE SHIELD, NO ENTRY” shall be strictly enforced.
  4. All vehicles entering the campus shall pass through the when bath.
  5. Always do surface cleaning of any school facility prior to its use.
  6. Cover the nose and mouth using disposable tissue or flex the elbow against the mouth and nose when coughing.
  7. Properly dispose Face Masks/Face Shields and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in designated trash bins.
  8. Practice regular handwashing. The use of anti-bacterial soap, alcohol or alcohol-based hand sanitizers is advised.
  9. Social/physical distancing in the office and in school activities shall be maintained.
  10. Bring your own eating utensils/plates/food containers. Take-out food policy shall be strictly observed. “Clean as you Go” in using the classrooms as temporary dining is a must.
  11. Immediately consult the school health authorities/practitioners for any signs and symptoms of fever, cough and colds while in the school premises. A COVID-19 Isolation Unit is available if needed. FOR ANY SYMPTOMS OF FEVER, COUGH AND COLDS, PLEASE STAY HOME.
  12. Mandatory home quarantine in coordination with respective Rural Health Units (RHUs) will be required to all employees and students coming from areas with patients classified as suspect, probable and confirmed.

The VPs, Deans, Unit heads, all Guards on Duty including the CSC and student organization officers are advised to strictly monitor the implementation of these established protocols/issuance. Appropriate sanction(s) shall be imposed to any violator of the above-mentioned policies.

CSPC CARES. Your safety is our priority!