CSPC launches new VMGO, Quality Policy, presents 10-Year Roadmap, 2020 Operational Plan

As part of the official installation of Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges’ (CSPC) fifth president, Dr. Charlito P. Cadag, the new vision, mission, goals and objectives, and quality and environmental policy of the institution were launched on January 6, 2020 at the CSPC Auditorium.


By virtue of Board of Trustees Resolution No. 19-62, the new set of institutional directions was realized to visualize what the institution exists to achieve in the coming years and to articulate what defines its character and philosophy as an academic agency.


CSPC aims to deliver a firm institutional commitment to provide world class education that transcends the aspiration of the youth and communities in the Bicol Region, as articulated on how it envisions the future through its newly crafted vision: “Polytechnic education at its best for the Bicolanos.”


Moreover, the College, through the pillars it has long been established with, re-crafted its mission in response to building a progressive future to contribute in eradicating poverty. The new mission is aimed at “Transforming lives to be free of poverty by creating a better future through world class polytechnic education and technological innovation.”


CSPC, on the other hand, shall pursue its vision and mission with fervor, steered by the initiatives that bring the institution to its purpose. Specifically, it shall be determined towards the attainment of the following reformed goals and objectives: produce professionally competent graduates who are responsible Filipino and global citizens by providing quality teaching and learning environment; address regional and national science and technology concerns by institutionalizing and integrating research-based programs in all colleges; improve the quality of lives through the conduct of demand-driven and research-based extension services; and strive for optimal performance by sustaining good governance conditions and sound management of the College’s resources.


In its dealings with the stakeholders, “CSPC commits to provide the highest standards in total customer satisfaction in accord with legal and other requirements to satisfy current and future needs of clients and stakeholders; uphold good governance conditions; and sustain the integrity of the environment and its resources through continual improvement of its quality and environmental management system.” as stated in its newly quantified quality and environmental policy.


Furthermore, on its initial establishment as part of the College’s institutional components, the Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) were crafted in order to serve as a guide, of track to the path towards universityhood and of adherence to projected endeavors. The following have been identified to be the College’s established ILOs: critical thinking and problem solving; results-oriented; professional Ethics; lifelong learning; communication; environmental stewardship; and global competitiveness.


The College, in addition, aims to deliver its principles and standards in accordance with what it upholds as a community and as an institution, whereas its restructured set of core values were agreed to be in consonance with this acronym: CSPC CARES; creativity, service orientation, passion, collaboration, character, altruism, responsibility, excellence, and stewardship.


The newly launched institutional directions, shaped by the collaborative effort of the College’s officials, faculty members, students, parents, alumni and other stakeholders, is set to be en route to Dr. Cadag’s 10-year roadmap outlining targeted future milestones. Also, it is envisioned to reflect excellence and transformation as the College takes the path of becoming a full-fledged Polytechnic State University of Bicol.