New CSPC VMGO set direction for 2019 and beyond

Dr. Dulce F. Atian, SUC President III of Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges, formally launched the new College’s Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives, and Quality Policy in the 2019 Kick-Off Ceremony held on January 28, 2019, at the CSPC Gymnasium, Nabua, Camarines Sur.

The new Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives, and Quality Policy formed part of the 2019 – 2028 Comprehensive Development Plan approved by virtue of BOT Resolution No. 18-24 last June 22, 2018, at CHED Central Office, Quezon City.

CSPC aims to take a leadership position in the Bicol region in the aspect of polytechnic education as articulated in how it envisions the future:

“CSPC is the lead Polytechnic institution in the Bicol region providing excellent education and quality services responsive to local, national and global development.”

CSPC re-crafted its mission to address development priorities towards the provision of quality education.  The new Mission states:

“CSPC provides nexcellent higher education an quality support services upheld by strong research culture, meaningful extension and cost-effective production towards sustainable development in partnership with the Rinconada community as ewll as local, national and international stakeholders.”

CSPC shall pursue its mission and vision with fervor steered by the values that have driven institution over the years.  CSPC’s services, products, and acts shall constantly reflect the nine (9) organizational values of Excellence, Creativity, Integrity, Results-Oriented, Openness to Change, Empowerment, Passion, Collaboration, and Service-Oriented.

Specifically, it shall be determined towards the attainment of the following objectives: First, provide quality instruction, learning environment and other support services producing professionally competent graduates, who are responsible Filipino, ASEAN and global citizens; Second, Generate new knowledge and innovative technology responsive to local and global needs; Third, Undertake responsive, relevant, and research-based extension programs for sustainable community development; Fourth, Establish viable production activities and income generating projects towards self-reliance and self-sustaining operations of the institutions; and Lastly, Demonstrate good governance in all aspects of organizational operations towards effective and productive performance of its four major functions.

In its dealings with the stakeholders, CSPC commits to provide quality and excellent education and services that satisfy legal and statutory requirements, current and future needs and expectations of clients and stakeholders by sustaining good governance conditions and continual improvement of its quality management system, as stated in the College Quality Policy.

In closing, Dr. Atian said, that the new development direction of CSPC stated in the 10-Year Comprehensive Development Plan, guided by the new VMGO, crafted by CSPC College officials,  faculty, students, parents, alumni and other stakeholders, with the guidance of Aptissimi Development Inc., will provide vibrant and dynamic perspective to CSPC onwards becoming Polytechnic State University of Bicol. (azl)