2018 In-House Planning and Budgeting Workshop (Phase 1 and 2)

To facilitate strategic planning and results-based budgeting, Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges have conducted the 1st Phase of its In-House Budget and Planning workshop with the theme “Positioning CSPC for ASEAN Integration through Prudent Planning and Budgeting” on July 19, 2017, at CSPC Auditorium. The activity aims to formulate a sound action plan which shall be anchored on the strategic plan of the college and likewise come up with an Annual procurement plan to facilitate a smart budget proposal. Said event was participated by the College Officials and Designees as well as student leaders and student press.

The College President, Dr. Dulce F. Atian, had deepened more on the challenges besetting our beloved College for 2018. Dr. Atian stressed that the bigger challenge now for the College is to become a polytechnic educational institution in Bicol Region taking a leap to a University hood. Mrs. April Z. Luzon, Planning Officer- designate, presented the Consolidated Mid-year Accomplishments vis-viz PBB Indicators, Organizational Outcomes, and Harmonized Performance Indicators.

The Budget Allocation by MFOs per CMO No. 20 s. 2001 and 2018 Budget Proposal was presented by Mrs. Shirley M. Illo, Budget Officer III. Moreover, Mrs. Marites A. Bermal, BAC Secretariat, and Procurement Officer presented the Procurement Process based on RA 9184: Analysis of the 2016 and 2017 Procurement Process and Activities: Challenges, Problems, and Actions Taken.

An open forum also commenced in the afternoon which focuses more on queries with regards to the Free Tuition 2017 implementation, a moratorium of the offering of BS Food Service Management in 2018, enhancement of the Procurement Process and the current status of the establishment of Birthing Center.

The second phase of the said workshop was done last August 10-11, 2017 in CSPC Seminar Hall. The objectives were to present the 2018 Action Plan with Budgetary Allocation and to present consolidated 2018 Budget Proposal and Annual Procurement Plan. This was participated in by all unit heads together with the Vice President for Administration, Mr. Ferdinand B. Valencia who presented the consolidated action plans and budgetary requirement of the Administrative Department. Each unit heads coming from the Academic
Division presented also their action plans and budgetary requirements individually. Afterwards, critiquing followed which have been facilitated by Mr. Ferdinand B. Valencia, VPA, Mrs. April Z. Luzon, Planning Officer-designate and Mrs. Shirley M. Illo, Budget Officer.

The conduct of planning and budgeting activity ensures that the program and projects will be anchored with the directions set forth by the college.