CSPC continues its “No Smoking Policy”

On May 16, 2017, President Rodrigo R. Duteterte signed E.O. 26 –“PROVIDING FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF SMOKE-FREE ENVIRONMENTS IN PUBLIC AND ENCLOSED SPACES”. The said order reinforces the “Smoke- Free Campus” culture that Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges (CSPC) has cultivated under the leadership of College President Dulce F. Atian.

Prior to the abovementioned law, the institution has already enacted a written policy on absolute smoking prohibition – A.O. No. 2. 2014. The policy ensured a cleaner and healthier image of the college with adherence to the provisions of R.A. 9211 otherwise known as the “Tobacco Regulation Act of 2003”. Since then, the campus has received awards both from Civil Service Commission (CSC) and Department of Health (DOH) for its “Smoke-Free” initiatives.

Among the most notable of the said initiatives were the placement of “No Smoking” posters in strategic places within the campus and the assertive use of information, education, communication resources regarding the dangers of smoking and the benefits of eliminating tobacco use. However, with the advent of E.O.26, CSPC would need to adhere to the provisions of the new law.

Upon nomination to this year’s “Search for the Best Smoke-Free Government Office” conducted by the CSC Region V, CSPC has redoubled its efforts. Not only have the “No Smoking” signs been updated to conform to CSC guidelines, they have also significantly increased in quantity (from around 150 to more than 400 posters around the campus). The college strictly imposes the provisions of no smoking policy in all aspects of operations. Examples of which are the conduction of out-of-campus functions in “no-smoking” establishments and the awarding of contracts only to businesses that adhere to the policy.

The cooperation of the concessionaires and vendors within and around the campus has also been garnered. All vendors around the campus comply with the RA 9211 and E.O. 26 provision on non-trade of tobacco products within 100 meters of the campus grounds. The said vendors signed understanding receipt of the RA 9211 provisions and they also posted the updated No Smoking signs in their establishments.

This coming September 22, 2017, CSPC will be attending the Awarding Ceremony “Search for the Best Smoke-Free Government Office” conducted by the CSC Region V. This is mostly due to Zero-Violation with regard to tobacco use as documented by the H.R. Office and the efforts of the No Smoking Committee & Smoking Cessation Program headed by our College President.

There is still a long way ahead for CSPC in maintaining its Smoke-Free status. Stringent measures may be needed to sustain zero violation. But, with the vigilance of the department heads under the guidance of Dr. Dulce F. Atian, CSPC will continue its legacy as a Smoke-Free Institution.