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CSPC shall continue to excel in its flagship courses like engineering and nursing. The University’s notable and innovative researches on engineering and nursing have markedly fused creativity and technology. Utilizing value-chain analysis as the basis for intervention in terms of research development and extension initiatives, we shall further focus efforts on commercializing research outputs or technologies. Faculty of the institution will be more engaged in crafting instructional materials, doing research studies which can be converted into sustainable extension programs and possible outcomes of production which will cater to the needs of the locality.

The College can pursue the development of flagship programs in engineering and nursing as Centers of Development (COD) or as Centers of Excellence (COE).

One of the key strategies is to actively pursue the offering of doctorate programs in engineering and nursing with emphasis on the development of world-class leaders in these fields. Further, the Buhi campus can focus on agriculture, fsheries, environmental studies and shall be at the forefront in protecting Mt. Asog and Lake Buhi and other natural resources. Step by step, the College will offer curricular programs which will address the needs of the locality and frst to offer programs in the Bicol region.

Future program offerings will attune to the branding of a polytechnic institution.

The College will strengthen student support services by providing students with opportunities for local and international exposures and nurturing them to be competitive in the real world of work. The offerings of short-term technical courses through online platforms create a different form of learning communities. Everyone in the College must embrace the IT as a way to cross geographical boundaries for better human interactions.

Forging partnership to other institutions to expand the horizon of students’ exposure in their felds will be realized. The College will provide various mechanisms to promote a holistic and quality education amongst the students.

The Rinconada culture and arts is so rich and diverse that a “Rinconada Cultural Hub” can be established to showcase cultural assets like songs, dances, oral literature, local cuisine and many others. This is a way to promote the identity of Rinconada through its unique and amazingly beautiful culture. As the saying goes, “mas mamumuy-un a mga taga Rinconada.” The institution will establish a hub which will showcase these cultural assets of Rinconada so that the culture will be more exposed beyond the borders of the region.

One priority for improved facilities is to address the flooding risks in the campus. The College shall come up with ICT-based early warning system to climate-proof the College. Hand in hand with that, will be providing the community with skills on how to understand weather patterns and how to determine flood possibilities and what to do to in order to protect lives, records, documents, and physical properties. Engineering and ICT felds will be tapped on this area to realize this goal entirely.

The University’s ISO certifcation can be the stepping stone to Institutional Sustainability Assessment (ISA) and Institutional Accreditation (IA). Since the College has been accredited into a Level 1 status in the past IA, the institution will thrive to reach the next levels. Institutional Sustainability Assessment (ISA) will be worked out this year to ensure the quality processes in the College.

David Zinger equates the essence of productivity with employee engagement characterized by the ability to transform work into results. In brief, favorable and empowering work environment, where people enjoy their work, is essential in creating a culture of excellence in CSPC. Thus, the College shall encourage the participation of faculty and staff and other stakeholders in the review, formulation, implementation, and evaluation of programs and initiatives for transparency and accountability.

According to the European Commission in 2005, “Excellence can only emerge from a favorable professional environment based in particular on open, transparent and competitive procedures.” Thus, we shall advocate equitable development opportunities among faculty and staff based on a well designed faculty and staff development programs. Faculty Development Program will be more strengthened by sending faculty members to pursue doctorate programs aligned to their feld of specialization in the institutions included in the top 1000 QS World University Rankings.

Imbed in the culture of the College the love for environment and assist the government in its campaign for an eco-friendly environment.

Also, more buildings will be converted into green buildings by adopting container gardening technologies.

It is imperative to internationalize the educational experience of our faculty, non-teaching staff, and students through educational visits for benchmarking of best practices of the top ASEAN universities. Thus, it is a must that College will strengthen partnerships with ASEAN universities and other international organizations for academic exchange and research collaboration.

33rd Commencement Exercises (Non-Degree — Arts and Sciences)

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